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Camila Cabello slams paparazzi after taking unwanted bikini photos: 'I held my breath until I felt pain' |  celebrities

Camila Cabello slams paparazzi after taking unwanted bikini photos: ‘I held my breath until I felt pain’ | celebrities

celebritiesCamila Cabello, 25, reveals in a weak Instagram post how she is burdened with constant stalking from the paparazzi. Last weekend, the singer spent a day at the beach in Miami. Soon, only Camila was noticed by the paparazzi. In return, they couldn’t resist taking some pictures of her in a bikini. The singer is now removing her frustrations on social media. “I’ve never had such a bad time at the beach.”

On her Instagram account, Camila Cabello wrote that in the past she wasn’t interested in paparazzi’s close-up lenses or strangers’ opinions when she went to her favorite bikini beach club. “I wasn’t as busy as I look, but then I saw the pictures and comments on the internet and felt bad.” Meanwhile, beach screams are no longer in it for the singer. When she went to the beach in Miami last weekend, she specially bought a new bikini. Moreover, it does not stop there, because the 25-year-old singer has put together a whole bunch and has never eaten much before. “Because I knew it was actually going to be a full photoshoot,” Capello wrote to her 61 million followers. “I was held in my stomach so much that my muscles ached, I could not breathe and could hardly laugh. I was so familiar with the paparazzi all the time that I did not find peace, as I should in nature. (…) I held my breath from the chaise longue to the sea.”

big contrast

Camila Cabello also wrote that the contrast with the other attendees was fascinating. For example, the singer saw a number of young children below. They laughed because the waves toppled them. They didn’t make themselves pretty, they weren’t insecure.” Despite the fact that Camila was unhappy with the photos, she made it clear that she felt miserable afterwards. “I’ve never had such a bad time at the beach. I felt the pathetic and empty ideas of our culture, which are now also my thoughts.” According to Capello, our society has a certain image of what a healthy female body should look like.

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In addition, she also wrote on her social media that she knows this is all nonsense. With just a little pose, she suddenly looks a lot thinner. Pretty much all the pictures on Instagram are so taken, people don’t look like they’ve just eaten or exhaled. The 25-year-old singer says she also listens to podcasts on the subject. She also tracks women who pride themselves on cellulite, stretch marks, and a natural tummy. But as soon as she reaches the beach she forgets everything. “Logically speaking, I know that my appearance doesn’t determine how healthy, happy, or attractive I am. Emotionally, I hear the messages of our culture loudly in my head.”

“We commend women who look ‘healthy,'” the Havana singer wrote on her Instagram. “But what’s healthy when you’re so preoccupied with your appearance that your mental health is affected and you can’t enjoy your life? I’m supposed to look attractive, and am I attractive to myself if I can’t just let go and have a nice day at the beach? Camila also tells her followers that she is working hard on herself now. For example, she is currently in therapy. Her sessions also have one main purpose. “I feel like when I was a 7-year-old, at the beach. I grieve for her today. Happy, crazy, breathing, I think she was a mermaid. free

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Camila Cabello is not happy with these pictures. © Reporters / Splash

Lots of support

In the comments under her photo, the singer can already count on a lot of support. At the time of writing this article, the post in question has already garnered more than 1 million likes. In addition, thousands of followers, including some well-known names, left an encouraging message. “It makes me cry,” writes Paris Hilton, who knows exactly what she looks like. “Thank you for writing this, it is so important for people to hear. You are beautiful on the outside and on the inside.” Singer Keisha also agrees with her. “You fucking queen And you are complete. I recognize him, my dear. The patriarchate wins when we starve ourselves. and for whom? new. Thanks for your honesty.”

Actress Shay Mitchell responded with a red heart below the photo. Lily Collins, best known from the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” wrote: “I totally understand how you’re feeling. I’m just sending love and positive vibes your way.”

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