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Can you remove the catalytic converter, particulate filter, or OPF from your car?

Can you remove the catalytic converter, particulate filter, or OPF from your car?

Try running a marathon where you can only exhale through a straw. You'll probably succeed, but you won't make a record. This is why some people choose to remove the catalytic converter, particulate filter, or OPF filter. Without exhaust gas filters, the engine can exhale more freely and thus produce more power. Sometimes the filter is broken and it is cheaper not to install a new one. But is this actually allowed?

The above filters clean the exhaust gases and thus reduce emissions. For this reason, in many cases it is not permissible to drive without it, but there are exceptions. We have carried out inquiries and research at RDW, and below we list our findings regarding the removal of exhaust gas filters. We only look at the Department of Transport's inspection requirements, not what the police might think about them.

Can you remove the catalyst?

RDW allows you to remove the catalytic converter from certain cars up to a certain year of manufacture. If you have a car from 1993 or younger And if you have a catalyst, it should work properly. The missing catalyst doesn't work logically. Since 1996, a catalytic converter has been mandatory for every new car with electronic ignition. If your car is old enough, you can remove the cat.

Can you remove the particulate filter (DPF)?

A particulate filter, also called a DPF (diesel particulate filter), is permitted for use with diesel Older than 2017 They can be removed without further problems. After that you have to go to RDW to have the car checked for 70 euros. It then calculates how much of the particulate matter surcharge you'll have to pay each month to compensate for the extra emissions.

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Can you remove the OPF (particulate filter)?

The relatively small Otto Particle Filter (OPF) can be found in modern gasoline engines. According to RDW, the OPF is tested for functionality via the vehicle's computer. If the car gives an error message, it will not pass the scan. Useful tuners write the OPF error code from the on-board computer when you remove it, so you can usually pass the inspection without this filter. These rules may change.

Can you just remove the filters?

Most cars still run just fine (and often better) with one less filter in the exhaust, but you have to be careful not to get your car rejected. If you make any legal modifications, it is wise to reset the engine. By telling the ECU what to do, you can get the most out of your new exhaust system.