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Canonization of Mama Antola, patron saint of Argentina

Canonization of Mama Antola, patron saint of Argentina

Sunday, February 11 is the concert in Argentina and Rome. Mama Antola, entirely María Antonia de San José de Paz and Figueroa He was canonized during the Eucharist in St. Peter's Basilica. She is the first Argentine-born saint and was immediately promoted to patron saint of the Latin American country.

Maria Antonia was born in 1730 in Argentina to a noble family. Because there was no place for her as a woman among the Jesuits, from the age of fifteen she devoted her life as a lay figure devoted to Ignatian spirituality. She chose a black dress and cross-dress coat, like a Jesuit. when Charles III, King of Spain The order was expelled from Argentina, and held retreats throughout the country according to Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius. In this way she made this method of prayer known throughout Argentina. Her retreats in the capital from 1779 onwards were so successful that she became well known in France. Her letters were also distributed in English and German.

Other women followed suit, leading to the founding of the Daughters of the Divine Savior. She died on March 6, 1799, at the age of 69. She was buried in Buenos Aires.

The process of sanctification

The beatification process began in 1905. In 1917, Pope Benedict XV Her address Servant of God to. Pope Benedict XVI She acknowledged the fact that she had lived an exemplary life of heroic virtue and declared it on July 1, 2010 The venerable. Pope Francis The miracle of healing was approved in 2016, after which beatification followed.

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Jorge Ignacio Garcia Cuerva, The Archbishop of Buenos Aires explained her importance in a press conference following her canonization on Sunday, February 11: “Maria Antonia was a courageous and creative woman. She challenges us to rethink the role of women in the world and in the Church.

Audience with Javier Miley

One of the most prominent attendees at the canonization ceremony will be the Argentine President Javier Miley We are. The right-wing liberal politician directed sharp criticism at his compatriot, Pope Francis, during his election campaign. Meanwhile, Miley openly welcomed the Pope's visit to Argentina. The Pope will receive Miley on Monday, February 12th.