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Capcom posts record quarterly profit

Capcom posts record quarterly profit

With games like this on sale, we could have expected it to be a good quarter for Capcom, but it’s worth noting that record profits were made last quarter. In total, 13.3 million games were sold this quarter, up 44.6% from the same period last year.

Net sales grew by 104.1% (total €371.7 million) and revenue by 120.4% (181.3 million €) compared to the same period last year; Net income also went well at 121.9% (132.9 million euros). In terms of net sales and earnings, this is Capcom’s best first quarter to date.

According to Capcom Marketing Director Antoine Mollant, the company wants Resident Evil Village to become the best-selling Resi game of all time, surpassing the 8.5 million units sold of Resident Evil 7.

This quarter, Capcom’s core digital content business contributed to business results through its continued pursuit of digital sales growth, including a major new release in its flagship series Resident Evil Village and sales of catalog titles such as Monster Hunter Rise. As a result, Capcom achieved its highest net sales as well as the highest levels of all earnings for the first quarter

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