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MacBook users with M1 chip are complaining about cracks in the screen

MacBook users with M1 chip are complaining about cracks in the screen

Many owners of MacBook with M1 chip complain about cracks in the screen. This will happen with normal use. Apple has not yet responded to messages.

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MacBook screen cracks with M1 chip

Disturbing news for owners of MacBook Air From MacBook Pro with Apple M1 شريحة chip. Many laptop users claim that there are cracks in the screen of their MacBook while not doing anything crazy about it. They often notice the problem when they open their laptop without a doubt. It also sometimes happens when they shut down their MacBook.

There seem to be two scenarios that are most likely to cause problems. Even a small grain of rice or dirt on your keyboard can hit the screen when your MacBook is closed. In some cases, this leads to a crack. In addition, the laptop frame will be very weak. If users grab the screen from its side to close it, it can also cause damage.

In some cases, Apple has repaired the screen for free. However, most users were told that the cracks were due to their own fault. Of course they do not agree with this, but they were presented with a bill of hundreds of euros. Apple has yet to officially respond to the complaints.

Here’s what you need to know about MacBooks with the M1 chip

The M1 chip heralds a new era for the MacBook. After many years, Apple switched from Intel to a self-designed processor. This provides a huge jump in both performance and battery life. Like you on our site MacBook Air with M1 reviewChip, we were very excited about the laptop.

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Apple is now working on faster models. In September we expect to be The new MacBook Pro 2021. It will likely appear in 14- and 16-inch variants and will have a new design. MacBook Air 2021 rumors contradictory. The new entry level model may not appear until 2022.

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