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Capture your travels (all over the world) with Polarsteps

You can take photos of all the destinations you visit and later manually convert them into a photo album. Apps like Polarsteps make it easy to keep track of your entire trip. Add photos, text, and points of interest and Polarsteps will do the rest.


Are you enjoying a trip across Europe? What a shame to only have a few photos from the flight after the holiday. But also: Isn’t it great to keep others in your area informed of your trip’s progress during your vacation? This is exactly what Polarsteps makes possible. In the app, you prepare a travel report that you can share with those at home. If you are starting with Polarsteps, please add your Polarsteps trip before starting your trip via the Travel tab.

When the trip is planned, so with a start and end date, the fun can begin. Once you hit the road, Polarsteps will start tracking your ride. Make sure to apply Manufacture Enter your site to get the most accurate picture of your trip.

Has the journey started? Polarsteps then asks you to fill in a so-called “step” every time you open the app. For example, you can take a picture of the beginning of the trip, with a (short) text about the event and possibly an important place you visited. If you open the app again when you’re in France, for example, you’ll also be asked to add a scooter there. Whether you add a scooter is up to you, of course, but for the main front — and yourself when you look back later — each scooter can indicate how much fun you had on vacation.

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Make a photo book

After the trips are completed, you will see your travel stats on the main screen, such as the kilometers you’ve traveled and the countries you’ve visited. At the top you will also find your personal world map with the destinations you have visited. If you travel regularly and use Polarsteps, you can see exactly which routes you’ve traveled and where you come from most often. You can also get inspiration for future trips, by planning trips to countries you haven’t visited before.

Before you start thinking about your previous trip, enjoy all your memories of your previous trip. You can do this by viewing all the steps of your journey, but you can also create a picture book from Polarsteps. You can do this with just one click. The images, text and websites of your trip are used for this purpose. Polarsteps picture book is the only revenue model for the app developed in the Netherlands – the app is free and the developers do not intend to fill the app with ads.

Polar Steps Download

Polarsteps can be downloaded for free from the file Google Play Store On Apple App Store. There is no app cost – and it is not possible to subscribe to the app to unlock features that others don’t. Finally, it is useful to know that the app rarely uses mobile data, as it only loads photos over low-quality mobile data. This way you will not face surprises outside.

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App of the Week: Record your trips (worldwide) with Polarsteps

What do you think of the concept of Polarsteps? Have you ever followed someone else’s journey, or heard others have used it? Let us know in the comments below this article.

Polarsteps - reisttracker

Polarsteps – reisttracker

The Dutch Polarsteps app offers options to follow your journey on an interactive map. This makes it easy to keep it for yourself, but also for others.

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