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PlayStation Stars has been facing turmoil for twelve days – Gaming – News

PlayStation Stars, PlayStation’s loyalty program, is experiencing a twelve-day outage. It appears that the program is no longer available in Belgium and the Netherlands at the moment. Sony is said to be aware of the issues and is working on a fix.

From user reports On Reddit Turns out the problems started about twelve days ago. Some users may have been prompted to sign up for the loyalty program when opening the PlayStation app, while others may have seen an error message or no longer see the PlayStation Stars icon at all. From from Belgium or Netherlands to PlayStation Stars website If you browse online, you will see a message saying that the loyalty program is not available at the moment.

Sony has not officially announced anything about the issue at the time of writing. Some users have According to gaming site GameRant You will receive a notification that the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. It is not clear when this will be available.

Sony announced PlayStation Stars in 2022. This is a loyalty program that allows players to earn rewards and points. They must complete activities to do this. It is also possible to redeem points for PlayStation Store and digital credits Collectibles To collect.

PlayStation stars
PlayStation stars

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