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Cardano (ADA) wil smart contracts in web browsers laten draaien, aldus oprichter in nieuwe video

Cardano (ADA) wants smart contracts to run in web browsers, founder says in new video » Crypto Insiders

Cardano (ADA) It is a crypto project under full development. Every week there is news about interesting developments within the project. Project founder Charles Hoskinson announced this week that his team is working on an update to make Cardano’s smart contracts compatible with Internet browsers.

In the Video The goal, Hoskinson explains, is to run smart contracts within browsers and on mobile devices. Thanks to the update, smart contracts written with Plutus, the Cardano programming language, will be able to be executed using JavaScript, a widely accepted and used programming language.

Hoskinson says the addition would be an important step. This will give it an edge in competition with other smart contract networks such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum (ETH). This will be further developed in the coming weeks and months. A Cardano 360 video with more information will follow on July 29th!

Cardano Alonzo testnet to the next stage

Not long ago Featured on Crypto Insidersrs That testnet Cardano Alonzo has taken another great step. Smart contracts are being tested on the testnet, so Alonzo is an update that many smart people have been waiting for. It will make Cardano fully functional. At this point, it will be interesting to see if it can really compete with Ethereum.

During the Alonzo White phase, the number of users on the test network increases exponentially. In addition, a lot of functions will be available to these users, and for these reasons perhaps the Alonzo White stage is the most important. Hoskinson says in his video that the project is on schedule. Late summer we might see Alonzo’s hard fork go straight.

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