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An essential outing on the slope?  Flemish Brabant refuses permission to build Vilford gas station

An essential outing on the slope? Flemish Brabant refuses permission to build Vilford gas station

Flemish Brabant County delegate decided not to issue a permit, because the project in Vilvoorde does not pass the nature test. In addition, the project conflicts with the instructions for the application of a more stringent nitrogen standard. Finally, it goes against the City of Vilford’s weather policy plan to be climate neutral by 2025 and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The decision comes as a surprise, because the gas-fired power plant in Vilford, which Engy Elektrabel bought back more than a year ago, was seen as one of the main contenders in the plans on the table to build two or three large gas-fired gas stations. Power plants. It must accommodate a planned nuclear phase-out by 2025.

Engy Elektrabel is surprised by the news. In our opinion, the Vilvoorde site is one of the best sites in Belgium to build a new gas-fired power plant with minimal environmental impact. “After all, in designing this project, we made great efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and the surrounding area. These efforts were acknowledged in the unanimous support opinion of the Competent Regional Environmental Permit Committee (POVC), a body in which representatives of all relevant Flemish government bodies and some experts sit. It happens very exceptionally that the delegation does not follow the advice of the POVC, in only 2 per cent of cases.” Engy asserts that she has not yet received the decision and motives for the regional assignment.

In response to the news on Twitter, N-VA President Bart De Wever has again called for the phase-out of nuclear weapons to be reversed. “Enough time and money wasted on procrastination,” he said.

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