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"Carefully Study Data for Tomorrow"

“Carefully Study Data for Tomorrow”

It was a very positive day for Honda cars. Only Yuki Tsunoda fell outside the top ten during VT2. According to Toyoharu Tanabe, there is room for improvement in all teams, but there is still plenty of time for that. Max Verstappen in particular was not satisfied with the balance.

“Today in Istanbul Park, all four Honda cars experienced trouble-free sessions in dry conditions and were able to complete all of their programs”, Tanabe begins on the official website of Honda. It might rain tomorrow during VT3 and qualify.

“Last year the road surface here was new and this weekend the grip has improved a lot, so both the car and engine settings have been optimized to handle these new conditions. However, we believe there is still plenty of room for improvement and we will carefully study today’s data to prepare. For tomorrow’s qualifiers and Sunday’s race.”

Special livery provides extra motivation

This weekend, you’ll be driving Red Bull cars with Honda’s special trim. This weekend, F1 was supposed to lead the Japanese Grand Prix, the main race for engine supplier Honda.

“This weekend of the Turkish Grand Prix, all of our cars have the message ‘Arigato’ (“Thank you”) on the rear wing, and the Red Bull Racing cars have a special white paint job, inspired by Honda’s Formula 1 cars from the 60s. This is additional motivation for the Honda team members and we hope to put in a strong race with all four cars.”Tanabe ends.

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