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Seventeen per cent of Britons do not have access to basic foodstuffs...

Seventeen per cent of Britons do not have access to basic foodstuffs…

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17 per cent of Britons have not been able to purchase some basic food products in recent weeks due to scarcity. This is evident from a survey conducted by the British statistics agency ONS, between September 22 and October 3. Procuring fuel is also difficult for many Britons.

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Due to the shortage of truck drivers, there are problems with delivery to shops and gas stations in Great Britain. The government announced that it would issue temporary work visas to foreign troops and soldiers to deliver fuel.

A new update of a bi-monthly follow-up study on the impact of the coronavirus crisis shows the scale of the problem. Survey organizers from the Office of Statistics asked British adults if they had faced a shortage of goods in the past two weeks.

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One in six Britons (17 per cent) reported that basic food products were not available for purchase. About one in seven (15 percent) cannot afford fuel. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Britons surveyed reported that they were unable to purchase other non-essential food products. But 57 percent said that everything they need is available.

Most British adults, 85 per cent, said their food shopping habits had not changed in the past two weeks. Five percent said they bought more, and 10 percent said they bought less than usual.

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