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Carlos Avena explains how Bofill's dismissal led to Vanderheighe

Carlos Avena explains how Bofill’s dismissal led to Vanderheighe

Thomas Pavel had to leave Circle in October. Moments later, it was Eve Vanderhaye’s turn as well, despite his victory.

Carlos Avena sees a lot that has happened since their departure. “Belief in our game principles and the commitment, conviction and dedication we apply them to,” he told KW.

Cercle wanted to implement these changes earlier, after consulting with AS Monaco. “During the off season, we organized a round table discussion with Monaco technicians, coaches and specialists in our team to find the best way to play with Circle in this competition.”

“We ended up with a high-intensity soccer game and then recruited the player profiles that matched it. Yves said he believed in that, but we found that he did not translate the principles of the game on the pitch.”

With the dismissal of Pavel, he has already tried to resolve this somewhat. “This was my way of trying to fix something that wasn’t working, to better support Yves in implementing our philosophy and the principles of the game. Thomas wasn’t always here anyway. But Muslic’s arrival unfortunately wasn’t enough and that’s why we also changed the coach. With the current staff, there is consistency Finally in the whole process and then you see that there is also consistency in the results. That is the big change.”

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