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Carole Baskin verkoopt dierentuin van Joe Exotic: “Tijd dat dierenmishandeling hier verleden tijd is”

Carol Baskin Sells Go Exotic Zoo: ‘It’s time…

Carol Baskin sells Go Exotic Zoo
Photo: AP

Joe Maldonado Passage’s former zoo ownership changed hands, better known as Joe Exotic. Carol Baskin, Joe’s archenemy, has sold the site, US media reported.

The Netflix documentary series ‘Tiger King’ told the story of flamboyant zoo owner Joe Exotic. He ended up behind bars for 22 years after he hired a killer to get rid of animal rights activist Carol Baskin.

His zoo in Wynnewood passed to Jeffrey and Lorraine Lowe, who ordered the zoo’s move to Baskin last year by court order.

In a lawsuit between Baskin and Exotic, the former was awarded a huge sum, which resulted in Joe Exotic having to hand the now-closed zoo over to her. Baskin confirmed to Yahoo on Sunday that it had recently sold the site to local entrepreneurs.

The new owners were allowed to take over the former zoo on the condition that they do nothing about it to the Tiger King. “No matter how they settled there, we don’t want it to bear the name of the Tiger King,” said Baskin. “We would like the animal abuse that happened here 20 years ago to be a thing of the past and forgotten.”

Carol Baskin Zoo Go Exotic sells:
‘Tiger King’-Joe Exotic
Photo: AFP
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