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Chris Williamson is in love again: 'Everything's new, but we're so happy together' |  showbiz

Chris Williamson is in love again: ‘Everything’s new, but we’re so happy together’ | showbiz

showbizChris Williamson is single again. The actor, known from “Crimi Clowns” and “De Ronde,” is allowed to tag “in a relationship” for the second time on Facebook at the age of 48. His new girlfriend listens to Ferrel’s name, and makes Chris float. “After my previous breakup, I’ve become wary, but with Ferrel I feel great.”

Picture in love on Facebook. Chris Williamson needed nothing more this past weekend to introduce his new girlfriend Ferrel to the world. “My dearest,” the actor wrote with the shot, which quickly received a torrent of positive feedback. Lots of people, including fellow actor Ben Seagers, said they were very happy with Wilhelmson. “We’ve been together for a while, and we’re very happy,” Veerle told our editors.

He prefers to keep to himself how Kris gets to know his new girlfriend. But there is no doubt that love is a great thing. “It’s all new, but Ferrel and I are very happy together,” Chris said. “After my separation earlier this year, I have become wary, and I prefer to keep my happiness private. But I can say that I feel great in Ferrell.”

Don’t risk anything

Earlier this year, Kris formed a couple with Ann. The actor, who has indicated that he has never been in a serious relationship before, shared a photo of the two of them on Valentine’s Day. But after six weeks, that relationship fell apart, and Chris admitted he was very upset about it. “That’s why I want to be more careful now,” concludes Willemsen. “I feel like Veerle is doing really well, and I don’t want to risk that.”

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