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'Cash Clash': The Crazy Numbers Behind Paris Saint-Germain-City, The Three Billion Match |  Champions League

‘Cash Clash’: The Crazy Numbers Behind Paris Saint-Germain-City, The Three Billion Match | Champions League

The calculator has bypassed almost all zeros. No clubs have made more money in recent years than Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, although that has yet to result in the Champions League title. Tonight, the EuroMillions teams will face each other in the most expensive match ever. Dive into the numbers behind the “cash clash”.

Over 3 billion expenditures since the acquisitions

The oil money flowed freely. Both Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain broke all spending records since the billionaires’ takeover.

Rich Sheikh Mansour came to power in Manchester City in 2008. His first transfer began immediately: Robinho was banished from Real Madrid for 43 million euros.

There were a lot of big transfers to follow. Such as Yaya Toure (versus 30 million for Barcelona), Sergio Aguero (versus 40 million from Atletico Madrid), Raheem Sterling (versus 64 million from Liverpool), Leroy Sani (versus 52 million from Schalke 04) and Riyad Mahrez (versus 68 million from Liverpool (Leicester).

The first big name to win Manchester City: Robinho

Most Expensive Ever: Kevin De Bruyne from Wolfsburg for 76 million This means that in the 13 years under Mansour’s rule, more than € 2 billion has been spent on transfers.

The hottest summer in the UAE’s pockets was the summer of 2017, when the citizens captured Benjamin Mendy (versus 54 million from Monaco), Kyle Walker (versus 49 million from Tottenham) and Bernardo Silva (versus 50 million from Monaco). ) Within.

Kevin De Bruyne: Right now City is the most expensive acquisition ever

In Paris, it took until 2011 before winning the jackpot. With the acquisition of Qatar Sports Investments, nothing is impossible. Owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi has already easily pulled 100 million from his wallet in his first summer brands – including the arrival of Javier Pastore (versus 42 million from Palermo).

In Qatar, there is also a love for big names: he seduces Zlatan Ibrahimovic (versus 21 million from Milan), Edinson Cavani (versus 64.5 million from Naples) and David Beckham (free on transfer) all to come to the city of lights. ..

One of many Parisian acquisitions that has put the Eiffel Tower in the shadows for a while

But the transfers that would change the football landscape forever have yet to come. In the summer of 2017, the epic of the century takes place in Paris.

The French national champion managed to get Neymar out of Barcelona for 222 million euros – a world record by far.

A year later, Paris Saint-Germain opened all mouths again by stealing the superstar talent Kylian Mbappe from rival AS Monaco. Price: € 180 million plus bonuses. Swallow.

More than 400 million in one photo

Transfer fees

More than 1 billion in the field

There was no more capital between the white lines again. Based on the expected squads, there is just under € 1.2 billion at the kickoff of tonight’s PSG-Manchester City match. Most of that is in Paris Saint-Germain, who represent 625.4 million. The projected eleven citizen base has cost more than half a billion. Without any accidents, tonight’s match will thus be the most expensive game ever.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was the City’s back line that captured a large chunk of the investment. Goalkeeper and 4 defenders … that’s 281.3 million, please. Note: City did not have to pay anything for one player. Young producer Phil Foden is a stranger to future English Premier League champions.

The cost of the eleven expected from Paris Saint-Germain is 625.4 million euros. There, the center of gravity is in the foreground. With the record transfer from Neymar (222 million from Barcelona) and the biggest purchase from Kylian Mbappé (versus AS Monaco 180 million) as the highlights. Two deals between Parisians: young producer Kimpembe costs nothing, while Florenzi is hired from AS Roma.

The most expensive cores of two players face each other

In the Premier League to spend money, they are numbers 1 and 2. There are no clubs that spend more to assemble their current core than Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. In the dressing room Sky Blues Almost a billion in capital. In addition to the eleven starters above, there is also Gabriel Jesus (40 million), Sergio Aguero (32 million) and Emeric Laporte (65 million).

Paris Saint-Germain is second-placed, with 772.4 million euros. Mauro Icardi (50 million) and Julian Draxler (36 million), among others, are bankers in charge there. In addition to the two oil clubs, Manchester United (759.7 million), Barcelona (613.9 million) and Liverpool (571.1 million) are the clubs that tightened the bag fiercely to form its core.

Club Basic costs for a player
1. Manchester City 931.3 million euros
2. Paris Saint-Germain 772.4 million euros
3. Manchester United 759.7 million euros
4. Barcelona 613.9 million euros
5. Liverpool 571.1 million euros
6. Chelsea 568.8 million euros
7. Juventus 549.2 million euros
8. Real Madrid 535.5 million euros
9. Tottenham 437.2 million euros
10. Atletico Madrid 410.2 million euros

… but what has it actually resulted from?

You can buy a lot with the money, but not yet the Champions League trophy. After all, both Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are still chasing the holy grail of club football. They have already collected national titles and national cups galore.

It doesn’t work in the Champions League. At Manchester City, it took until 2014 before the citizens made it past the group stage of Champions Ball. In the next two years, Barcelona were extremely strong in their eighth finals. City came the furthest in 2016: when he was killed in the semi-final only after a thrilling match against Real Madrid. Over the past three years, the quarter-finals have always been the final destination. The last version is still a surprise against Lyon.

Aguero mourns the semi-final loss to Real Madrid in 2016

Paris Saint-Germain is nowhere near as high as it was last year. Then a goal from Kingsley Coman penetrated the dream of the Parisians in the Champions League. So the shock will continue in Khelaifi for some time. Previously, Paris Saint-Germain had not made it past the quarter-finals. Between 2017 and 2019, it has not exceeded even the last 16.

The question now is: Will this be Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain? As you may have noticed, it definitely won’t be due to the investments.

Neymar after losing the final to Bayern in 2020

The final leg of the Champions League

City of Manchester Paris Saint-Germain
2012 The group stage
2013 The group stage Quarter-finals (vs Barcelona)
2014 Eighth Final (against Barcelona) Quarter-finals (vs Chelsea)
2015 Eighth Final (against Barcelona) Quarter-finals (vs Barcelona)
2016 Semi Final (against Real) Quarter-finals (vs City)
2017 Eighth Final (vs Monaco) Eighth Final (against Barcelona)
2018 Quarter-finals (vs Liverpool) Eighth Final (against Real)
2019 Quarter-finals (vs Tottenham) Eighth Final (vs Man United)
2020 Quarter-finals (vs Lyon) Final (vs Bayern Munich)

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain prepare for the CL semi-final match

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