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CAUTION: False calls for a booster dose are circulating

CAUTION: False calls for a booster dose are circulating

The Health and Welfare Agency warns that false calls about the booster vaccine are circulating. Criminals use fake emails to try to extract bank details.

“The fake email looks very real,” says Rhea Vanderet of the Health and Welfare Agency. As in the summer, we have already received several reports about it. Then we filed a complaint with the judicial police and we will do it again now. The National Crisis Center also picked up this matter and reported it to the Cyber ​​Security Center.

Anyone who clicks on such a phishing email will end up on a page with a bank login screen, but this is a fake site where you can leave valuable data. A similar email also appeared in the Netherlands.

Check email address

Additionally, there are other signals after which alarm bells should go off when you receive a phishing email for your first vaccine or booster dose. Your real email comes from [email protected] and not from [email protected], which does the rounds among other things. You will not only receive the invitation by mail, but also by mail and in your citizen profile at says.

What should you do?

According to Catherine Eggers of the Center for Cyber ​​Security, there are many fake emails to get a booster shot. Typically, these phishing emails are related to current events. We often notice that once there is an announcement of some cases, criminals still send fake emails on the same day.

“As soon as you are asked to enter bank details, you should know they are suspicious,” Eggers says. Anyone caught in the trap should contact their bank as soon as possible in the hope that they can stop the payment from the criminals. Then file a complaint with the police.

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This is the real email:

This is false:

CAUTION: False calls for a booster dose are circulating