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CAYA brand experience studio, focusing on modern culture, is launched in Amsterdam

CAYA brand experience studio, focusing on modern culture, is launched in Amsterdam

Avantgarde Group offers a studio focused on creative brand experiences, global strategy, modern culture and storytelling.

Amsterdam has added a studio to try out the brand’s creative: CAYA. This international agency calls itself a place where creativity, strategy, innovation and culture interact through immersive experiences. So no boring conferences, but exhibitions, AR/VR mixed reality spaces, pop-ups, road shows, retail spaces, and other conceptual experiences. Agency even has a term of its own: magnetic spaces. The basis has always been to tell stories based on modern culture. Originality and purpose of the brand are the most important principles. CAYA is part of the international Avantgarde Group, which chose Amsterdam as its location due to its creative and multicultural identity.

Kaya team. From left to right: Alexis Mardabitas, Lorient Spargren-Roh, Lotte van Ohm, Stewart Bradbury.

international team
CAYA is led by co-founder and chief creative officer Alexis Mardapittas, who has been part of the Avantgarde Group for six years. It is supported by co-founder Stewart Bradbury, who was the managing director of Avantgarde in London. Complementing the team are two new faces: Director of Growth and Global Partnerships Laurianne Spaargaren-Ruhe (including Nomads and De Persgroep) and Director of Design Lotte van Uum (including Pearlman Group and LIGANOVA).

Cultural significance
The agency focuses on the “brands of the present” and on Gen Y and Gen Z, who dare to change themselves and the world. CAYA is an acronym for ‘Come As You Are’, which is exactly what new generations of brands have come to expect. No nonsense, but experiences that reach consumers in a real way. Alexis Mardabitas: “Brands that live ‘in the present’ provoke curiosity; they explore their own space within modern culture. This is also expected of them: you have to stand up for something in this time. If you don’t take a stand, you automatically stand up for something.” †

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magnetic spaces
Mardapittas: “CAYA genuinely connects with Gen Y and Gen Z by listening to them intently. We create places where brands and consumers connect emotionally. It’s a click that happens when strategic visions, storytelling, cultural significance and innovation come together. We call those places magnetic spaces: spaces that stick with you Magnetic spaces can only arise if you have a deep understanding of culture We invite people to an experience that eventually becomes part of their story, and that’s the gist Who talks about advertising? The world of advertising. But who talks about the things they’ve been through? everybody.”

International talent and creativity
The agency is the youngest member of the international Avantgarde group, which already has agencies in Brazil, China, Dubai, Germany, England, Austria, the United States and Switzerland. With the creation of CAYA, the group is making a double move, as it is also gaining a foothold in the Netherlands. Mardapittas: “We chose Amsterdam as our base of operations because we want our roots to be in a city that attracts people from all over the world and where talent and creativity thrive on a global scale.”

Experience and experience
CAYA also uses the expertise and experience of 850 international staff of those other agencies, who are involved in all aspects of marketing, from content marketing to brand identity. In contrast, CAYA’s cultural, strategic and creative specialists are an ideal addition to Avantgarde’s portfolio.

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About Avantgarde Collection
AVANTGARDE Group is a multiplayer group in the “Experience Economy” with a wide range of specialized agencies. AVANTGARDE was founded in 1985 as an events agency and has grown into a globally active group of companies with 12 offices and more than 850 employees. In addition to the brand experience agency AVANTGARDE, the group owns specialist agencies such as Slash.Digital, Trendbüro and Green Game, which offer a wide range of experiences and services. AVANTGARDE touches all physical and digital touch points in the customer journey. With “Creating Fans” as a mission, customer loyalty is always paramount.

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