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CEO Sven Jakes on Antwerp’s decline: “A number of things were not good and we expect them to change” | Jupiler Professional League

With 17 out of 36 in the competition and 0 out of 9 in the Champions League, there is no longer any euphoria for Bosuil. The champion wants to bounce back, starting this week in the cup match against Lierse. “Everyone here knows things have to be better,” CEO Sven Jakes tells Sporza.

“We were hoping for more”

With the Super Cup win and qualification to the Champions League group stage, Antwerp appear to be continuing their momentum from last season this summer. But little by little things have crept up, meaning that crisis now lurks around the corner in Bosuil.

“We knew the season would not be easy for us after last year, but we still hope for more,” Sven Jakes admits. “Certainly 17 out of 36 in the competition was not what we expected.”

In the competition, Antwerp are already 11 points below leaders Union, but that deficit has been taken into account by Jakes. “You are of course in contention with the playoffs and this year there are again 6 teams in the playoffs. But of course we want to keep that gap as small as possible.”

Everyone knows things have to be better. The truth is told inside.

Sven Jakes

“Our goal has not changed: we want to make the play-offs. That’s why we have to finish in the top six. It only starts in the play-offs. This is also a different approach and a different tension. So first, top six, then we can reshape our goals.”

Despite the current situation, things seem remarkably calm in Bosuil. “Still, everyone here is on edge,” says Sven Jaykehuis. “There is debate. There may be differences of opinion, but this is not reflected on the outside. Everyone knows that things must improve. Internally, the truth is told.”

Has chairman Paul Giessens been to the dressing room yet? “He knows when there should be peace and when it is necessary to light a fire. It has not burned yet, so there is no need to put it out.”

There is no magic solution, but we have already proven that we can overcome such a decline.

Sven Jakes

What will it take for a hero to climb out of the hole? “Don’t forget that we also had a big decline last season,” says Jakes. “We have to unite our ranks and believe in our abilities.”

“The great thing about football is that the next game always comes very quickly. You don’t have to be sad or worry for a long time. You have to turn the switch quickly. There are a number of things that were not good enough. We expect those things.” “to change.”

“If I had a ready-made answer to the question of what is needed to change the situation, I would have already given it. There are many factors involved: injuries, the ball in the post, level of performance, opponents who play football differently. “There is no magic solution, but we have already proven “We are capable of overcoming such a decline.”

“It will be a difficult match against Lierse.”

Perhaps Wednesday’s cup match against Lierse K. will be an excellent moment for the champion to secure the turnaround. However, Sven Jakes is wary of the regional rival.

“It will be a very difficult match,” he said. “Just think about Beveren last year. Lierse will be very excited as well. The pitch is not good either. We know it will be a difficult task.”

“Everyone knows what needs to be done. Last year we came out together and I’m confident it will happen again now. We want to get as far as we can in the cup. To do that, we’ll have to win tomorrow. What’s if it doesn’t happen? Will he succeed? “I don’t think about that.”

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