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Multi Sketch Cup.  Knokke sends off KV Mechelen after penalty shootout - also penalty shootout between Cercle and Zulte Waregem |  Sketch cup

Multi Sketch Cup. Knokke sends off KV Mechelen after penalty shootout – also penalty shootout between Cercle and Zulte Waregem | Sketch cup


The first penalties are intervention

Van der Bruggen saves the first penalty kick against the ropes. Vormer does the same in Zulte Waregem. 1-1.


STV-FBO: Second extension whistle

Malungu counters Steuckers and gets red. Heavy rule. The Stokers took the penalty kick themselves: 3-0 and that’s the end of the game.


Sir-Zua: Second extra time whistle

Van der Bruggen shoots the ball into the side netting, Jano is pulled back and Cercle’s attackers disintegrate when Van der Gouw misses a high ball. All in vain, as the second extra time also ended without a goal being scored. Such are the penalties.


CER-ZWA: Denkey wide

Muslic wants to avoid sanctions and throws another attacker into the battle with Etonde. Cercle approaches, but first Denkey shoots wide of the cross on the turn, then Decostere makes a good tackle on Gboho.


STVV-FBO: Okazaki duo: 2-0

The spring is broken in the Franks Burrens. STVV makes good use of the space and Okazaki manages to head Ito’s cross over the ropes: 2-0!

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Sir-Zoa: Willen makes a save on the line

Menda looks to be able to head home a low pass from Semedo, but Wellen makes the save on the goal line.


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KNO-KVM: Knokke continues!

Perfect penalty report for Knokke. The home team makes a big move and advances to the Croky Cup. Exit to KV Mechelen.

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KNO-KVM: A scam in the works?

3-2 to Lucky. Both teams get two more tries. The home team is approaching a trick.


Cup takes the first eleven metres

Malinoa’s first penalty kick ends in a foul. Cup pushes Vanlerberg 11 meters outside his goal area!


CER-ZWA: Beginning of the second extension

The second stretch also begins to feel sensation again. Minda runs towards the visitors’ goal and then collides. A push in the back, apparently. But referee Staessens didn’t see anything. “Thief, thief,” chant supporters of the department.


CER-ZWA: First extension whistle

At the end of the first extra time, Zolte Wargem came close to taking the lead again. Machado heads a corner from Vormer.


KNO-KVM: Second extension whistle

We get penalties on the coast. Will Malinwa survive the lottery against Knokke?


Ser-Zua: Denki’s downfall…no penalty

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Brent Staessens is thunderstruck by the Bruges crowd when Denkey goes down inside the penalty area in a duel with Willen. The referee doesn’t want to hear about a penalty kick.


KNO-KVM 1-1: VanRevelgem draws!

Unlikely! Knokke comes alongside after Van Hecke loses the ball. It’s Captain Vanraevelgem who scores.


STVV-FBO 1-0: Zahir al-Islam

Substitute Zahiroleslam finally broke the STVV spell. He came well in at the far post to push in Ogawa’s cross.


CER-ZWA: Beginning of the first extension


STV-FBO: The beginning of the first extension


KNO-KVM: Murabit with 0-1

Then anyway! KV Mechelen leads 0-1 in Knokke. My cleat holds the skin on the net very well.

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