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Cheese Lifting of the Zeeland Tolwridge Foundation: ‘I have a lump in my throat’

When the House of Representatives voted, the movements agreed to remove the Socialist Party (SP) and Borberger Beavis (PPP) as soon as possible. The movement of the SGP was also passed. It says the outgoing cabinet should discuss with the province the outcome of investigations into making the tunnel toll-free.

Throat bandage

“I have a lump in my throat,” Cheese Lifting says in a reply. “We have never been. But we will not be ready until this situation is resolved. We have been working for a year and a half. I do not think there has been much discussion in the House before this. We want to get out of the numbers by 2022.”

Listen to the conversation with Cheese Lifting here:

Lifting has a lump in his throat

SB’s MP Mahir Agaya is also happy. “I’m satisfied with all of those Gelanders, especially the Geoland-Flemish people. Unfortunately, it’s not a large majority. They voted against CDA, D66 and VVD.

It also has an aqua for cancellation of subway fees. “Money can come from cashless infrastructure projects. SB MP points out the expansion of the A27 in Amelisweerd in the Utrecht municipality.” It will cost one and a half billion. Making free spending is one-fifth of that budget. “Whether this will really happen is up to the parties negotiating with each other in a new cabinet.” The parties now sitting on the table must have good reasons to ignore this. We’re not there yet, but the call is clear. “

You can hear Mahir Agaya’s reaction here:

S.P. for Zelanders.

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