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‘Eliminating golf course in Perkfolder is a missed opportunity’

For frustrated supporters united in the Properfolder team, that golf course is one of the pillars on which the entire project is located.


The project was planned to provide the region around Perkfolder Stimulus After the disappearance of the ferry service in 2003. That motivation must have been the golf course, and now it is disappearing, ”says Arjan von Ekelen of Proberkfolder Group. “Building houses can be done anywhere; a golf course where you can see the shelter made it special and attractive.” It was already known in 2019 that project developer Watersande would have to use clean, more expensive land instead of industrial land – a prerequisite for the municipality of Hulst, says Van Ekelen.

Via sour apple

In his view, the removal of the golf course would mean ‘the beginning of the end’ as the ‘languages ​​of the island’ say. “Of course this is a sour apple, we have to go, but we still believe in the plan for Perkfolder.”

It should be an ‘integrated’ project, he believes. So there should be a good alternative to the golf course, which has added value to entrepreneurs, schools, associations and residents in the region. To ensure that the project “creates the economic and social plus it is set up to”, the Proberkfolder team is requested to consult with the business club Bergbolder.

‘We are not annoyed’

It is very unfortunate that the Tom Willard Golf Course at Business Club Bergfolder is not financially feasible. “But we’m not annoyed. We’m not in the sewer. There are still opportunities, and we need to take advantage of those opportunities.” In any case, there has to be something ‘impactful’, and then it is more than Perkfolder. “Perkfolder is no more or less than a springboard for the whole region.” The business club wants to think about this with the developer.

The project looks friendly

Johann Everett of Walsordan Village Council was not pleased with the new paintings presented to the locals. “It seems like a little friendship. We’ve been here so long now. Let them start soon.” To get to the beach and the boat, motorists have to drive straight through the new ‘Beach Village’. Concerns have already been raised about this. Evert hopes the new plan will find a solution to traffic flow and parking options.

Barcoid owner Yannick Mahu is still looking at Perkfolder’s growth with confidence. Whether the new Beach Pavilion will be built – the old one that burned to the ground in April – is still a matter of debate. So he mentions the developer for an answer.

Charles Heisler of the Sean Boulder Foundation, subject to numerous procedures: “I do not like this at all. It’s a spot project, the developer himself says. It’s a sketch design number.” He thinks many more will follow.

More hotel rooms and superior apartments

Wim van den Abiley von Watersonde PV takes into account all comments and criticisms, including questions and concerns that Hallster councilors may have on the expansion of the final project. The latter discusses the revised primary plan at the spatial committee meeting. In addition to the missing golf course, additional areas have been replaced, making it necessary to establish a new zoning plan. For example, houses are now clustered around the former ferry port, fifty hotel rooms will be added, apartment buildings will be one storey high, additional catering establishments will be added, and the surrounding landscape will be organized in a natural and agricultural manner.

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One million cubic meters of clean growing soil

Van den Abiley still considers that The first 85 homes in Weirblin will go on sale soon By the end of 2023, one million cubic meters of clean arable land will be delivered to the new coastal village by ship with four hundred more homes and apartments. The purchase and development agreement with landowner Bergfolder Behr – with the sole partner Hulst Municipality – will be signed by September 1st.

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