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Chelsea haalt ei zo na 1-3-achterstand op in Bernabeu, maar wie anders dan Karim Benzema verlost in het slot Real Madrid

Chelsea scores white after trailing 1-3 at the Bernabeu, but without Karim Benzema, he makes up for in the lock Real Madrid

What a wonderful sight at the Bernabeu! Champions League holders Chelsea played like no other and could smell the semi-finals for a long time. Real Madrid bowed, but in the end the royal did not crack. Modric is flanked on the outside of the foot thus ensuring extensions. In that, he was – unlike him – other than Karim Benzema, who scored 2-3 goals against the net. Real Madrid finally reached the semi-finals thanks to a 1-3 win in the first leg.

“Of course we will try to take the initiative quickly and maybe get into their heads and raise suspicions.” Until the 96th minute, it turned out to be prophetic words from Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, right before the match. However, Real Madrid started anything but bad in the second leg of the quarter-finals. The quick Vinicius and hardworking Benzema pressed the Blues defence, but after about ten minutes Chelsea took over. After a few minutes, 0-1 was already on the board. A clever combination through Kovacic Center, Loftus-Cheek, Werner and Mason Mount secured the early lead. Just as Tuchel had hoped after the 1-3 defeat in the first leg. Mount detonated the opening goal from the last 16th minute and it’s hopeless Thibaut Courtois. His first goal in the Champions League this season and the start of a dream for Chelsea.

Photo: Action Images via Reuters

The tension came on suddenly. With the away goals rule scrapped, Chelsea suddenly had enough with another goal to win overtime. It gave the defending champion the courage to walk those extra metres. The Blues were now really on the minds of the Real Madrid players. As the first half progressed, Real Madrid found it increasingly difficult to play under pressure from Chelsea. If they managed to get out, the royals tried to force them out very quickly. On the other hand, Chelsea kept quietly looking for holes in the white wall.

Hopeless Thibaut Courtois

It happened again early in the second half. In the corner, a detached Antonio Rudiger outmaneuvered Courtois. I saw his strongman disappear behind our compatriot in the side nets. Unable to defend it again. The Belgians in the Champions League gradually found their black beast. Last season, Kevin De Bruyne suffered a broken eye in the Champions League final after colliding with Rudiger and now Courtois was beaten by the same German. Although Real’s defense should have been better.

Royal suddenly had to get out of the hedgehog’s location and it only now seemed that he had already started the game. Suddenly, the pace of the match increased and Real created opportunities. However, this was not visible on the scoreboard. exactly the contrary. After Vinicius lost the ball, Kante rushed forward. He gave the ball to Marcos Alonso in time, who hit the ball into the box from an acute angle. 0-3 and a ticket to the semi-finals for Chelsea. Even… the VAR suddenly rejected the goal due to manual play. Although it turns out in repetition that very little was happening.

Chelsea scores white after trailing 1-3 at the Bernabeu, but without Karim Benzema, he makes up for in the lock Real Madrid


Rollercoaster vs Chelsea

The battle continued on the edge of the abyss and Rial immediately launched another attack on the other side. Mendy crossed strongly and found Benzema. Contrary to the first leg, he aimed his head at the crossbar this time. The tension has already stopped at the Bernabeu. Once again, it was Chelsea who scored. Timo Werner completed an impressive sixteen from close range 0-3. Courtois was still with the ball, but not enough to block the goal.

Despite concerns about Roman Abramovich, Real’s 1-3 strike last week and Alonso’s disallowed goal, there was no doubt in Chelsea. It looked like the semi-final ticket was back.

Chelsea seemed to be doing the improbable. After all, in all of the European knockout matches, it only happened four times before a team that lost 1-3 in the first round still caught up. The last time goes back to the 1998/99 season. Then Feyenoord succeeded.

Chelsea scores white after trailing 1-3 at the Bernabeu, but without Karim Benzema, he makes up for in the lock Real Madrid

Photo: Agence France-Presse

But despite such a strong match, it was not the case for Chelsea. Luka Modric, the former Ballon d’Or, has brilliantly put an end to the Blues’ comeback. He conjured great help from the outside of his right foot. Perfect fit for substitute player Rodrygo, who shot one time. 1-3 thus extensions.

In those extensions, it was Karim Benzema – among others – who delivered a strong blow to Chelsea. Camavinga found Benzema with his pass, which was inexplicably empty in the penalty kick. Head 2-3 hard against the net. Real didn’t give up anymore and won the hard-fought ticket to the semi-final thanks to savior Benzema.

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