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Ferreira: "Club Brugge NXT Hasn't Improved After 1B"

Ferreira: “Club Brugge NXT Hasn’t Improved After 1B”

You’ll likely miss KAA Promises Gent Adventure in 1B. After the 2-0 defeat to Club Brugge, it will be very difficult, but head of the football squad Emilio Ferreira also sees opportunities in Erst National.

“The aim of this concept is to adapt young players to first-class football,” Ferreira said. latest news. “It should be clear that 1B makes way for that better than the First National. Experience has taught us that Club NXT hasn’t improved from its 1B season.”

The club had little influx after that season. “It’s not that many players are now more important to Team A. This is the case with Anderlecht, for example. Despite the fact that they played in the U23 series, many boys have moved on to A-Team. We have to see on the run. Long what is the right way to achieve the ultimate goal – preparing boys for men’s football.”

KRC Genk is on its way to the U23 title and Anderlecht is also sure of 1B. Club and Standard are the main contenders for the other two venues.

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