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Christian Taubira formalizes French presidential bid |  abroad

Christian Taubira formalizes French presidential bid | abroad

Former French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, 69, of the Warri party, has run for the position of France’s presidential election official. She says she wants to respond to outrage at social injustice.

You want to hold a “salaries conference” and advocate for a government that “knows how to talk” rather than preachy and authoritarian.

left smashed

She mentioned youth, social justice, education, the environment and stronger social dialogue as key themes. She is already the sixth leading candidate in the dissident left camp. The most famous and biggest competitors from the left are Jean-Luc Melenchon, Yannick Gadot and Anne Hidalgo. In opinion polls, they receive between four and nine percent of the vote.

Minister of Justice

Opinion polls indicate that Tobira is about 3 percent. She was justice minister under President Fran├žois Hollande from 2012 to 2016. She resigned in the dispute over a planned constitutional amendment to strip convicted terrorists of French citizenship.

Tobira was already a candidate in the 2002 presidential election, when she received 2.32 percent of the vote.

two rounds

France will elect a new president in April and May. The winner is usually announced after the second round. Incumbent President Emmanuel Macron leads the polls, with 25 or 26 percent of the vote, although he has not officially announced his candidacy. And conservatives Valerie Pecres and far-right Marine Le Pen are not without a chance (with 16 to 17 percent in the polls).