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Horeca is open in many places in the Netherlands on 'Day of Protest', and elsewhere 'don't let themselves be ridiculed'

Horeca is open in many places in the Netherlands on ‘Day of Protest’, and elsewhere ‘don’t let themselves be ridiculed’

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Cafes and restaurants opened across the Netherlands on Saturday in protest against the ongoing shutdown of the catering sector. In many cities this was done with the permission of the municipality, but in Utrecht, for example, the aura scales have been preserved.

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In Roermond, the shopping crowd was able to find the terraces early, and the catering staff enjoyed being able to get back to work, Saturday aides confirmed at the Munsterhof restaurant in Limburg. Students were also able to find the usual places of entertainment in Zwolle. And visitors also knew where to find cafes, for example, in Wateringen near The Hague and in Groningen.

Conducted in Utrecht

In Utrecht, a number of cafes and restaurants were opened without permission, but there were concerts. After a phone conversation with Mayor Sharon Dijksma, who promised to continue working in the coming days to ease measures and generous compensation, Sanu Ramen closed its doors at around 4pm.

“We will not be laughed at for one day”

Also in Breda, where the protest day had initially received a positive response, the local branch of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland trade union called not to participate. It seemed that “we will not be laughed at for one day”. “The pressure on entrepreneurs over financial and psychological problems is not relieved by opening one day,” says Johan de Vos of KHN Breda. Nor was it possible for all businesses to open in “such a short period of time”. According to de Vos, the influence also disappeared because the municipality held the protest day in many places.

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