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City leader thanks to Tielemans and his teammates, Italy is praying for his teammate Lukaku

City leader thanks to Tielemans and his teammates, Italy is praying for his teammate Lukaku

Manchester City has succeeded in seizing power in the English Premier League. The defending champions beat Luton Town convincingly on Saturday, and the following day both Liverpool and Arsenal lost. In the Italian League, the match between Udinese and Roma was stopped due to a bad incident.

Premier League

Will the English title return to Manchester City again? It looks more and more like that. After all, rivals Liverpool and Arsenal both lost at home on Sunday. Liverpool had to capitulate surprisingly well against Crystal Palace, but later in the evening Aston Villa pulled off another sensational feat in London.

The Birmingham club, which is fully in contention for fourth place, made the difference in the final minutes. Billy (former KRC Genk) opened the score in the 84th minute. Soon after, Watkins made it 0-2 with an assist from Tielemans. A costly defeat for Arsenal, who, like Liverpool, now have two points less than leaders City.

Series A

An important match was scheduled to be held in Italy in the struggle for fourth place. Roma had to beat Udinese to stay close to discovering Bologna. However, the home team was able to take the lead midway through the first half. But after the break, Lukaku equalized again.

However, a terrifying moment followed. Roma defender Ndika felt unwell and suddenly sat down on the pitch. It became immediately clear that this was serious. The medical staff rushed to the field and the French player was transferred on a stretcher for further care. In consultation with the coaches, it was ultimately decided to cancel the match.

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