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Hayen is coming off a class reaction after a strong winning streak

Hayen is coming off a class reaction after a strong winning streak

Club Brugge is increasingly presenting itself as one of the title contenders. On Sunday afternoon, Blau Zwart recorded their third home win in just one week against FC Antwerp. Fantastic work from interim coach Nicky Hayne.

Shortly after the last match in the regular competition, the Brugge board decided to intervene. As expected, Ronnie Deila has been dropped as head coach. To complete the season an indoor option was chosen. Hayen, active as coach of Bruges Promise, has been provisionally promoted to T1.

A bold move, but it worked perfectly for the time being. Through his modified working methods, Hine provided a much-needed breath of fresh air and, above all, created greater clarity. The results were good, and the game was clearly improved.

New atmosphere

Furthermore, a number of players have also managed to shine individually under Hayne. Michel Skouras, for example. The club's website said: “After a difficult period, there has been a change in coach, but we understand very well what he expects from us. On a personal level, I am also playing with confidence and getting more playing minutes under Hayen.”

Goalkeeper Nordin Jakers also waved praise at the Brugge caretaker. The substitute said, “The new atmosphere is there, everyone is pointing in the same direction and everyone has the same goal in mind. You also notice it on the field, the way we play football. We radiate confidence and this is a very positive thing.” Simon Mignolet.

Praise for Della

There's a lot of praise for Hein, but he remains humble about it. He showed his class by once again referencing the work of his predecessor, despite three successive victories. “What has changed? Of course you shouldn't forget that Ronnie Deila has put a lot of work into this group. It wasn't all bad, there were definitely things we could build on. We just tried to bring more clarity to 'You shouldn't teach these boys how to playing football.”

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