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Clearinghouse Imposes Sanctions: KVO, AA Gent and STVV Received a Fine Warning |  Jupiler Pro League

Clearinghouse Imposes Sanctions: KVO, AA Gent and STVV Received a Fine Warning | Jupiler Pro League

The Belgian Football Association’s clearing house has been examining all transfers in Belgian football since last season, in order to prevent bad practices with intermediaries. The vehicle was created following Operation Clean Hands.

Clubs must obtain approval for nearly all transfer transactions. The clearinghouse is aligned with a series of other rules against fraudulent brokers that were introduced in 2019.

KVO fell into the basket during this check, due to a payment in the 2020-2021 season of €33,660 to French real estate agency Agence 442, which includes Kevin Vandendrich, Thibault Beer, and Gaetan Hendricks.

The federal attorney concludes, “This is a transaction of a registered intermediary without the prior approval of the Clearing House.” Request a fine of 10 per cent of this amount. KVO did not dispute the error.

“It appears that the rules of the new regulations for mediators have not been deliberately complied with,” reads the disciplinary board ruling. AA Gent was fined €2,500 with the deferment, after the clearing department found an anomaly in the licensing file.

For example, a payment (61,000 euros for Creative & Management Group dated July 6, 2020) did not receive the required approval.

Meanwhile, AA Gent complied with the new rules.” AA Gent applied for leniency and got it due to this extenuating circumstance.

“The exceptional leniency shown by the Disciplinary Board serves as a warning to continue to apply the new regulations carefully in the future. In the event of recidivism, the amount of the fine can be calculated as a percentage of the TV broadcasting rights (up to a maximum of 10 percent).

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STVV was found in three payments violations in the summer of 2020 of €1,105 (to Cherry Sports) and €8,000 (Zan Consulting): no consent was granted, no representation agreement was filed, and Zan Consulting is no longer a registered agency.

The Canary Islands blamed the violation on “human error resulting from an unfortunate set of circumstances”, but they also indicated that they would strictly adhere to the rules from now on.

And the Disciplinary Board decided, to impose a fine of 2,500 euros for each of the five offenses, for a total of 12,500 euros, albeit with a postponement. The Disciplinary Board also warns that additional funds may be withheld from the TV rights in the event of a subsequent infringement.