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“Club Brugge or Antwerp: Odoi makes the decision”

“Club Brugge or Antwerp: Odoi makes the decision”

To everyone’s surprise, Club Brugge won the national title after very strong play-offs. This also included some amazing features. Rafael Onyedika, for example, has really rebounded under Nicky Hayne, while Denis Odoi has suddenly played an important role again.

The 36-year-old defender moved into the right-back position at the end of the contest, and also came out of the midfield several times. He also scored the decisive only goal at Anderlecht Stadium in the penultimate round of the match, which returned the club to first place for the title.

Odoi seems to have chosen Antwerp

However, his future has remained uncertain in recent weeks, with Odoi’s contract expiring in a week. The club entered discussions to extend their agreement, but soon faced competition from Antwerp. They have lost an experienced defender in Richie De Laet and see Odoi as the ideal replacement.

Now it seems that Odoi has gradually made up his mind, because according to The newspaper It gradually appears that he will choose Antwerp. The Great Old would have made him a better offer than the Club, as he would have to compromise and not meet his wage demands.

Great Old offers a better suggestion

Then he can earn more in Antwerp. In De Bosuil they see an important role for Odoi, also in the dressing room. After all, Antwerp is being rejuvenated, and Odoi, along with Toby Alderweireld, will have to take on a lot of youngsters.

But there doesn’t seem to be an agreement yet, so we’ll have to wait a while for the white smoke to appear. However, there is a much greater chance that we will see Odoi working for Antwerp soon than at Club Brugge.

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