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Club Brugge pakt eerste zege onder Schreuder op cruise control tegen  STVV (2-0), De Ketelaere spoelt ontgoocheling door met goal

Club Brugge scored its first victory under Schroeder in cruise control against STVV (2-0), and de Kitleuri came out disappointed with the goal.

Work, but very strong: Club Brugge took their first win under Alfred Schroeder Cruise Control Against STVV is moderate (2-0). De Ketelaere and Dost provided the goals, but it was particularly interesting to see how the new coach returns to 3-5-2. And how the newcomer Buchanan often received positive comments.

It was all about looking forward to how Alfred Schroeder would present his team during his baptism of fire as head coach of Brugge. The choice ultimately fell on 3-5-2, with De Ketelaere-Dost tandem in attack and newcomer Buchanan on the left – Lang was stopped. In STVV, Kagawa’s cult transition was not yet in essence: the Canaries had to dispense with the new Japanese in empty Jan Breydel.

It is doubtful whether this will change the image of the game so much. Without truly breathtaking football, Club Brugge was master and master: During the first half, Blauw-Zwart had no less than 73% of the ball. It didn’t rain any big chances, but the lead by de Kitilari in the half hour was well deserved. It happened when the lights went out in Beaus: With a dramatic ballad, Dost suddenly put Schmidt face to face. Striker and newcomer Buchanan could not finish the match, de Kettleri did with a dry kick: 1-0, and the first goal under Schroeder was a reality.

Schmidt limits damage

The Dutch coach kept calm along the line. Of course, Clement’s replacement has modified and trained, but Schroeder is not the man of big nods or constant gestures. Not even when STVV started to build up the pressure soon after the break: we were already in the 53rd minute when Mignolet had to take the first shot between the two posts.

Photo: BELGA

Minutes later, Bruhls also managed a free kick on goal. Just an hour later, the club thought enough was enough and put the match into one last fold. Captain Furmer sent a beautiful long ball to Doust, who kept calm head-to-head with Schmidt going the long way and firing into the net with a hit: 2-0. Schroeder saw how his Dutch connection finished the job, and especially how the club was on track for its first win under his rule.

Spring finally broke out at STVV during the fourth quarter of the game. Getting to the club’s sixteen became increasingly difficult, and the Blue and the Black had their own chances to deepen the score even more. First Mata could not score head-on with Schmidt, then Furmer was allowed to attempt in the same situation. But again the Japanese goalkeeper limited the damage to STVV. Dost also had a good chance after a superb heel from Vanaken: there was no second goal for him either. With 2-0 in practice, the club can finally look back on a strong debut under Schroeder, who will have more time in the coming weeks to bolster their system. mission accomplished.