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Clubhouse says goodbye to invitations, let everyone in

Clubhouse says goodbye to invitations, let everyone in

According to its makers, it was initially deliberately chosen to add users only minimally, in order to be able to grow in a “balanced way”. However, those days are gone: users who have signed up can now start using the Clubhouse without being invited.

Clubhouse launched exactly one year ago, and the creators are “ready to start a new chapter,” they wrote in Blog post. The Clubhouse allows you to create, visit, and share voice chat rooms, with the organizer controlling who can speak.

Huge noise

The app caused quite a stir at the beginning of this year. Millions of users tried to start Clubhouse at the same time, but had to wait for an invite. Additionally, Clubhouse was not available on Android at the time.

It got a little quieter about the chat app after that. However, since the Android app was launched in May, ten million users have been added, according to the platform.

The club wants to grow big

The team has grown exponentially since its inception. Where the Clubhouse had just eight employees in January, there are now 58. According to the makers, this is only a temporary result: “We want to increase our team significantly in the coming period.”

Whether the application will continue to succeed is just a question mark. Since January, almost all major social media platforms have built their own Clubhouse-style voice chat service into their apps.