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Coming in 2021, all we know so far

A new Nintendo Switch console, which will eventually replace the original Switch, will be launched later this year. The new portable console will also be more powerful and more expensive. Here’s what we know about the new Switch Pro so far.

DLSS support for higher resolutions

Perhaps one of the biggest new features of the Switch Pro is support for DLSS, a feature Nvidia RTX cards have been known to implement. DLSS allows your device to run games at lower resolutions and then use special AI cores to improve visual quality, giving your card the same performance by reducing resource consumption.

The feature currently only works with some PC games, including Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Monster Hunter World, and a few others. Currently, the Nintendo Switch uses a lite version of the 2015 Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC, so most games run with less than 1080p in the dock and less than 720p in mobile mode.

A report said rumors are now indicating that the new Switch Pro will receive DLSS support Mutual. While the RTX-like graphics chip with Tensor Core AI processors on a device as small as the Switch looks exciting, Nvidia has yet to confirm this feature. However, DLSS support helps newer and older games run better on the new Switch Pro.

Surface USB 3.0, Ethernet, and Dock

The new Switch Pro could also have a slightly wider back compared to the current generation model with two USB 3.0 ports, as mentioned in another report from Vandal. Additionally, the console can also come with an Ethernet port to directly connect to the network connection.

While the new console is expected to be the same size as the older switch, it is said that the current mount will be replaced with a flap-like stand similar to the one found on Microsoft Surface tablets. This allows the device to be used for board games.

Amazon Mexico lists a new console and removes it soon after

Amazon Mexico recently released a list for their new Nintendo Switch Pro console, and the list was quickly removed, but not before taking a few screenshots. The offer did not include pricing or launch date details. Check out our deleted list below.

The new Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to launch in September this year Bloomberg report. The new console will be sold alongside the more affordable Switch Lite, and it is expected to feature a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung and Nvidia GPU with support for 4K output.