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WiFi Map allows you to discover free WiFi hotspots

WiFi Map allows you to discover free WiFi hotspots

If you are traveling abroad on vacation and your subscription mobile data is not sufficient, then Free Wi-Fi Hotspot can offer a solution. Usually, not all networks can be accessed – simply because you don’t know the password. WiFi Map solves this problem in one fell swoop.

WiFi map

Just reading emails, watching some YouTube videos, sending your vacation videos – consuming your mobile data is easier abroad than it is in the Netherlands or Belgium. At home, you have WiFi access, so you won’t have to retrieve the heaviest files via mobile data. Outside, you are unlikely to always have a WiFi to access. If you are going to visit a (local) restaurant, this is also the perfect time to download or submit large files.

Running out of mobile data might mean that you have to visit a restaurant every day to use the associated Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, this isn’t usually necessary with an app like WiFi Map. The app shows you all the nearby hotspots – according to the developer, there are about 100 million hotspots stored. This varies from restaurants to Wi-Fi networks in hotels and in some cases even Wi-Fi networks in people’s homes. This means that you may be able to contact this hotspot from your place of residence.

Wifi community map

WiFi Map does not require any additional setup options – you will be asked permission to read your location. This uses WiFi Map to display your local WiFi networks. The app offers two separate tabs to view nearby networks. After opening WiFi Map for the first time, you will see a map that shows all WiFi networks in your area. This way you can search for nearby (free) WiFi hotspot.

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App of the week: WiFi Map lets you discover free WiFi hotspots

The second tab for discovering local Wi-Fi hotspots is the fifth tab. All WiFi networks in range of your phone are grouped into this tab. If there is a network that you can use with a password stored in WiFi Map, it will display there. This also applies to open WiFi networks provided by the community behind the app.

Speaking of WiFi Map Community: The second tab in the app was developed for this purpose. The tab itself contains three tabs: “Me”, “Scoreboard” and “Live”. Under this tab, the result of the WiFi Map community members is displayed. Community members receive points when adding a Wi-Fi network – open and closed (with password) – or when changing the network password. The most active WiFi Map members are shown in a file Score boardSection, while Neighborhood It displays all the adjustments currently being made.

Find out WiFi hotspots

Making changes is not mandatory – so it is possible to discover Wi-Fi hotspots at home or abroad even without active participation in the community. Before you go on vacation, don’t forget to download an offline file from WiFi Map if you have limited amount of mobile data available. For this you can download a file for each area in the app with data of all WiFi hotspots. Note that networks are not updated in these files. Only when you are online again can the renewed file be recovered.

App of the week: WiFi Map lets you discover free WiFi hotspots

Then there’s nothing else at the moment for you to discover WiFi Map app. You can capture the application for free from a file Google Play Store. By default the application contains a large amount of ads, but it remains free to use. WiFi Map also offers a subscription service that, among other things, turns off ads, which costs € 41.99 per year.

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