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Company car greening study: More electric cars, less CO2, more income |  interior

Company car greening study: More electric cars, less CO2, more income | interior

The company’s fleet greening implemented by the Vivaldi government has a positive impact on electric vehicle sales and CO2 emissions.2And it brings a nice penny to the treasury. This is evidenced by an investigation by the Planning Office, in which Finance Minister Alradi Vincent van Bettighem (CD&V) presented the results during a company internship at carmaker Volvo Car in Ghent.

The reform led by Minister Van Bettieghem was given the last green light in the House of Representatives in November of last year. Accelerated greening should be achieved by eliminating the tax benefit on fossil fuel company cars from January 1, 2026. In previous years, the tax credit was already limited. The so-called phased application will apply from July 1, 2023, but will only apply for tax purposes from January 1, 2025.

Company zero-emission vehicles purchased, leased or leased before January 1, 2027, remain fully tax-exempt, relative to CO22– Free company cars purchased after that, the tax deduction will be gradually limited to 67.5% in 2031. According to the Planning Bureau, sales of gasoline hybrid cars and electric company cars will also increase without overhaul.

700,000 cars for the company

From 2026, things will accelerate. At that time, a strong decline in sales of gasoline hybrid cars is expected in favor of electric cars. After the reform, the share of electric vehicles in the sale of new commercial vehicles will rapidly rise to exceed 50% and will exceed 75% by 2030. By 2040, the commercial vehicle fleet will be almost entirely electric.

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Also emitting carbon dioxide2 It will start to decline early. Today there are about 700,000 commercial vehicles on the road in our country. They are responsible for emitting 2.8 million tons of carbon dioxide2 per year – five emissions of the total vehicle fleet.

Planning office forecasts show that greening the company’s cars will reduce emissions. Without reform, the decline will begin to clearly only after 2034. With reform, there will already be a clearly accelerated decline in CO2 between 2026 and 2035.2Emissions peaking at around 1 million tons of carbon dioxide2 On an annual basis in the first half of the 1930s.

tax revenue

Greening also means good news for government revenue. According to the Planning Office, the reform will increase net annual tax revenue by about 1 billion euros from 2026. This does not apply to 2026 and 2031, because the income from owning and using company cars will then be slightly larger than the increase in income from corporate tax.

“As a minister, I had a clear goal in mind and that was to repair the company’s cars. In times when the climate crisis required measures of impact, we had to speed up the greening of our vehicle fleet. Not only to dramatically improve air quality, but also to ensure that every Belgian could drive electric. Affordable in the long run,” Minister Van Bettieghem said.

He is pleased that the Planning Office is also translating this ambition into expectations and results. “Greening the company’s cars is clearly the necessary start towards a completely fossil-free fleet and better air quality. And all this without putting us in budget nests,” concludes the CD&V politician.

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