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The European Union opens an investigation into Instagram and Facebook for non-compliance with DSA rules – IT Pro – News

Nice idea, but only on paper, the entire backend of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram is the same and therefore cannot be simply separated, which is one of the reasons why the company was not split earlier. This was literally part of Mark and his friends' defense when the US government considered canceling the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp.
So dividing companies now is not something they can do immediately, and the costs that individual companies will then incur are very high because many systems will have to exist three times, something that has been rolled back in order to control costs.

There's also a big problem with the idea of ​​selecting and placing add-ons separately. This group would then almost immediately become the rich club of the holding company, thus gaining an unreasonable amount of power, which would not be healthy for the other parts of the holding company.

The prospect of Meta voluntarily splitting the company similar to previous independent companies and putting the money-generating portion into its own company is simply unreasonable.

What Meta would probably prefer is to have a good chat with decision-makers within the EU, perhaps on a Caribbean island in a very expensive restaurant. It is also likely that something will be said about investments in new data centers in Europe and a development center somewhere in the region where Europe wants to create jobs in high technology. There's definitely going to be a lot of lobbying money spent here and so on. If Meta thought it was financially better to pay privately, the EU would probably be willing to do so, and this would all go away.
If Facebook thinks it probably won't make much difference, it will keep trying, but with less enthusiasm (and therefore less money).

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In any case, the EU will benefit from this story and the Meta will hardly notice anything because they really knew what they were doing when they decided not to spend money to comply with the laws. It was thought that it would be better financially to do it this way rather than follow the expensive laws.