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Compulsory vaccination in health care or not?  "If you don't want to, you don't belong here."

Compulsory vaccination in health care or not? “If you don’t want to, you don’t belong here.”


Her classmate adds, “I trust my immune system. I’ve had it, so I think I’ve built up enough defenses.” “I test myself for others,” says a young service worker. “But I trust my body and I’m not vaccinated yet”

Right now, the government doesn’t want a commitment to vaccination and the majority of healthcare workers don’t either, as it turns out From the research panel of opinion EenVandaag.

We didn’t talk about it

Did he talk about it on the ground? “No,” says the nurse firmly. Is it taboo? “Yeah, maybe… we’re not talking about it anyway.”

However, some relatives of the residents assume that the staff have been vaccinated. “I am sure everything is fine,” says the man who goes to visit his wife. “If you don’t want to be vaccinated, you don’t belong here. Then you have to find another job, I think.”


Not only in nursing homes, but also in home care, sees Zorgthuisnl’s Hans Buijing. “People are still orienting themselves, but we also see people with a religious background object. And those considerations are valid. But in the practice of caring, it’s complicated.”

He also sees that patients are worried. Because what if someone doesn’t want to have an unvaccinated nurse? “This is difficult. We are really looking for more control of the situation, we have more information about the vaccination status. We are also talking about that with the government.”