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Container company ‘Suez Canal’ before ‘accident’ and ‘Penis Course’ | Abroad

The giant container ship that has been blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt since Tuesday is also in trouble due to strong winds in 2019. As a result, it collided with a boat on the Elbe near Hamburg. German news report that none of the victims.

Ever Given was running On the ground Tuesday morning On the south side of the Suez Canal. This happened after the cargo ship, which was 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, entered the Mediterranean from the Red Sea on a major route. According to the Taiwanese container ship company Evergreen, which operates the cargo ship, the Colossus was certainly gone due to a power outage and / or poor visibility as a result of a dust storm with gases of about 40 knots. This equates to windmill 9.

In February 2019 a strong wind blew over the ship in the port of Hamburg. Locals discovered and filmed how the container agent got off, and with its severity a boat ran into a jetty. The 27-year-old captain was slightly injured and two team members were able to reach the defense in a timely manner. The The damage to the boat was about 1 million euros. The Public Prosecution Service has launched an investigation against the captain of the container agent and the pilot who traveled with him. They suspect there is a risk to shipping.

Among other things, the question is whether the cargo ship should be allowed to leave in view of the strong winds. Two minutes after the collision, a sailing ban was announced on the Elbe due to wind. Strong winds blowing from the southwest during the investigation prompted the clash. In addition, the severity of the suction cargo ship dragged the Elbe to shore.

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Penile study

Return to the Suez Canal. Ever Given traveled the most significant course of travel on the arterial road between Europe and Asia. While it waited for its turn, the Panamanian-flagged container ship came around the Red Sea. According to a video simulation of the ship’s movements by the ship’s watch site, the captain ‘drew’ a penis (see below).

According to Bernhard Schultz Ship Management (PSM), the German maritime service provider responsible for the technical management of the container company, routinely patrols ships waiting to enter the channel. A counter-spokesman said, “The course of the journey is similar to that of a penis.” Glass.

Attempts to float the ship failed Friday. A new attempt will be made this weekend. Two additional drags are expected in Evergreen on March 28, according to a report on the Hamburg-based maritime service provider’s website. ‘A special sand trench, capable of moving 2000 cubic meters of material per hour, is on site from Thursday. Agreements are also being reached on the use of high-capacity pumps to extract water from forward ballast tanks and bow thrust boxes. ‘

No mechanical or mechanical problem

When Evergreen ran around, there were two pilots on board besides the captain. Preliminary research results show that the ship ran aground due to strong winds and dismisses the mechanical or mechanical problem. There was no report of contamination or damage to the cargo. All 25 employees are safe and healthy. They are of Indian descent and they will be on board. They work closely with all parties involved. The hard work and tireless professionalism of the captain and crew is greatly appreciated, ”said the maritime service provider.

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Traffic congestion

Evergreen is currently causing significant congestion of container vessels on the Suez Canal. Already There are about 200 ‘stuck’ Due to the blockade of the important trade route. It is Implications for distribution of stores and other establishments in the Netherlands. For example, Mirage Retail Group, the parent company of Blogger and Big Bazaar, says the siege will definitely cause problems. Easy Toys, which specializes in sex toys, claims they cheated.