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Facebook prevents Venezuelan President Maduro from spreading false information | Now

Facebook has blocked the page of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for thirty days for spreading false information about COVID-19. Maduro said in a video without evidence that a particular drug would cure the disease. The social networking site reported Saturday that Facebook has removed the images.

The Venezuelan president had already promoted the drug in January. According to Maduro, the treatment will help cure and prevent it.

However, Facebook insists that the video is against the terms of use. “We are following the guidelines of the health organization WHO, which states that there is no cure for the corona virus,” a spokesman said. “We are blocking the page for thirty days for repeatedly violating our rules.” The Page Maduro can only be read now and will not be able to publish new news during this period.

The block has been notified to administrators on Maduro’s side. His account Instagram, A site owned by Facebook, can still be used.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Information did not want to respond on Saturday. In February, Maduro complained that Facebook was censoring his videos and that social media companies were treating him unfairly. He is a major user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and he is often used to live sessions.

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