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Control freak or llama drama?  This test detects your unpleasant or toxic behavior |  A psychopath

Control freak or llama drama? This test detects your unpleasant or toxic behavior | A psychopath

We humans are not perfect. In fact, sometimes we are completely unhappy. We are passive, lazy, or arrogant. Consciously or unconsciously. “Every one of us exhibits toxic behavior from time to time,” believes the CEO of Truity, an American company that develops personality tests. That is why it is their new test that helps us identify the unpleasant behavior that we most deeply sin with. Are you a businessman, a llama dramatist, or a control freak?

You probably know someone who has always been pessimistic. Or someone who never compliments or pats you on the back. “Not such a nice person,” you think. But what you do to yourself that hurts or annoys others is usually a blind spot. The new Truity Personality Test aims to help you with that.

wake up call

The California firm is run by Molly Owens, a trained therapist. “We hope our test will be a tool for you to discover for yourself how unpleasant your environment can sometimes be. We all have some toxic personality traits. Self-awareness is the first step to working on yourself.”

The test allows you to evaluate statements and answer multiple choice questions. For example, the test examines where you put yourself on a set of three important personality traits: neuroticism (How to deal with negative emotions, ed.), the conscience (How careful and organized are you, editor) And kindness. These three personality traits are said to determine toxic behavior. But: don’t expect a thorough scientific investigation. In all, you only answer twenty questions. So think of it as a hilarious wake-up call.

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Some examples of statements that you should evaluate for correctness:

• It is simply the fact that I am smarter than the average person.

• I often push people to help them meet my high standards.

• The best way to avoid disappointment is to always expect the worst.

Drama “Debbie Downer”

More than a million people have already taken the test. Your score shows how passive, arrogant, lazy, rigid, inseparable, dramatic and pretentious you are. And you will also be assimilated—mainly for pleasure—into one of these seven poisonous forms:

1. Deckaren (women’s name, editor)An arrogant person demands special treatment and gets angry when you don’t understand her.

2. from ‘mansplainer’An arrogant person who feels superior and loves to share his knowledge in a condescending manner.

3. de dralamaA dramatic person who often has no control over his volatile emotions. They can require a lot of attention and be tricky.

4. procrastinator (“Zombie” in Engels is in red.)A lazy and untrustworthy person who avoids all responsibility and has no goals.

5. crook (“The Con Artist” in Angels red.)A manipulative person who dares to be dishonest to turn the situation in his favour.

6. Debbie DownerA pessimist always sees negatives. Less emotional than the llama drama, but she grumbles and complains a lot.

7. by controlA person who takes his goals and aspirations seriously and does not allow compromise or allow anyone else to take charge. There is a fear that other people will spoil the plans or disappoint them.

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It’s good that the test also gives advice on how to do better with each result. For example, we are labeled “Debbie Downer”. “You are only total BuzzkillOuch. But the advice seems helpful,” reads the verdict. “Try to consume less media and spend time with people who make you laugh. Also, start a gratitude journal in which you write down one thing each day that you are grateful for.” It should work.

Which archetype are you? Take the test here.

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