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Corner players can’t keep anything secret this season

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“Now the training staff can follow everything from us,” says Captain Rick Impense. “Heartbeat, the miles we run. We go in the professional direction.” Positive in advance. “They say ‘measuring is knowing’ and I think it’s beneficial for us.” Coach Levan Kevert is very excited about the new measurement system. “I really liked it last year, but I fully understand that the club is going through a difficult period, which is an investment above all else.”

Not all the tools to prepare for a new season in the third division are now available to Hogg and coach Kevert’s players. “There are many things we need to take into account, one of which is injury prevention because it is gentle,” says Guerd.

Hawke’s selection is almost complete. So far there is only one newcomer on the board. That was Jahrdel Constancia of Ternus. Geeland-Flemish club are looking for a player who can strengthen the team after the departures of Reguillo Vandebitte and Kyle Dosberg. “Actually, we’re still looking for a type of recuillo,” Kevert says. “A player who can play in many positions and especially with height, because with the departure of those two players we lost it a little bit.”

The first official game for the Hockey is scheduled for the weekends of August 14th and 15th. Hogg can then advance to the opening round of the KNVP Cup. A week later, the third section begins.