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Corona numbers on the map and in graphs: Where are the most common injuries?  |  Corona Virus

Corona numbers on the map and in graphs: Where are the most common injuries? | Corona Virus

What about the spread of the Corona virus in the Netherlands? Do more or fewer people become infected? How is the hospital, and in which municipalities is the virus mainly spread? These graphs provide the answer.

Tamo van Lochheim and Sander van Meersburg

Last updated:
04-21-23, 16:08

According to the roadmap, the number of corona infections in the Netherlands has never decreased below the “dangerous” level since September. The strict lockdown caused a drop in mid-December, but the number of infections is now rising again.

There are now about 2,600 coronavirus patients in hospitals. It hasn’t been very busy in the center since the first wave: there are now more than 800 patients there.

The other number that says something about whether the virus is under control is the percentage of people who test positive. These numbers are published every week by RIVM. After the summer, the ratio increased dramatically, then decreased steadily but is now rising again. The general rule of the World Health Organization is that an outbreak cannot be controlled if more than 5 percent of the tests are positive. Then there are either a few tests and / or a lot of infections, according to the WHO. The Netherlands has been consistently exceeding this limit since September.

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Relatively fewer infections were reported in the north of the country, just as they did during the first wave. Click or search for your municipality to see how things are going in your area.

RIVM treasure, In part based on the number of hospitalizations and how many people have been infected.

The higher the percentage that is found by source and the search for contacts, the better the visibility of the virus.

If multiple infections are present, the GGD can conduct less intensive investigations of sources and contact. As a result, fewer infections are detected upon close contact with an infected person.

The graph below shows the number of tests GGDs take per week.