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Standard kan ook in beker malaise niet van zich afschudden: Tissoudali leidt AA Gent naar halve finales in de Croky Cup

Standard can’t shake off cup malaise: Tissoudali leads AA Gent to Croky Cup semi-finals

AA Gent deserved to qualify for the Croquet Cup semi-finals. Buffalos soon had to dispense with captain Odjidja due to injury, but his replacement Andrew Hjulsager provided assists. Record went to the boat 3-1.

AA Gent showed resilience in the Croque Cup quarter-finals. Just two minutes later, Vadis Odjidja was writhing across the field in pain. A little earlier, the captain of Ghent had put Raskin into the wind with a clever pass movement, but overtaking Doossin was too much. The record defender intervened and hit Ogdja, after which the midfielder had to leave the field injured.

The harbinger of a difficult match, as Standard did not fail to continue duel regularly. While the visitors lost themselves in needlessly difficult duels, Ghent tried to keep playing football. Remarkably, Hein Vanhaezebrouck sent Hjulsager and not Bezus to the field to replace Odjidja. That pick worked out well after a few minutes, and Hjulsager was also running at a high level for the rest of the match.

Photo: Isosport

Passes Twee

After a throw-in by Norio, De Sart, Tissoudali and Hjulsager quickly found each other, after which Hjulsager offered 1-0 to Kums. On the edge of the sixteen, he was given a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime and space to anchor and shot 1-0 in the instep.

Even after the impotence, Standard continued the momentum of duels on or even above the ledge. Nkunko Samwes was seriously injured from the back on the ankle and Umm Ullah also escaped in red after sticking his foot into Okumo’s ankle. Lardot twice ruled that a yellow card was enough. Even after the VAR called him to the screen due to the mother of God’s fault. Raskin almost incurred a penalty by tapping Hjulsager into the penalty area. Lardot saw no point in that.

Standard can't shake off cup malaise: Tissoudali leads AA Gent to Croky Cup semi-finals
Photo: BELGA

Error after error of the standard

In terms of odds, only Klaus was able to score one for Roche. Elsner’s reflex setup with three in the back wasn’t great in football either. On the other hand, Depuetry Eggs advanced into the net after 2-0.

Right after the break, Standard showed he could actually play good football. Combs was caught in a poor pass into the foot of Klaus, who put Dunham on his way to the equaliser. With a beautiful shot, Bulat crushed 1-1. Buffalo showed its resilience again and went looking for 2-1. As the Mother of God slipped his second yellow card, Tissoudali Gent took the lead once again. Hjulsager signed his second assist this evening. Elsner intervened through an exchange of Raskin and Umm Ullah, who both flirted with a second yellow card. It was in vain, however, as Standard again did well after Laifis called Samoise in the box. Lardotte again did not flinch. Gent remained the better team and eventually Tsudale made it 3-1 after a fight at the age of sixteen. Boukadi was sent off with a red card after being hit in the face by Ngadou.

Thanks to the 3-1 win, Buffalo will remain active on three fronts after the new year and confidently head into their first game against Al Ittihad on Sunday.

Standard can't shake off cup malaise: Tissoudali leads AA Gent to Croky Cup semi-finals
Photo: BELGA