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Cortridge’s talented Lor Devos (22) has returned from the United States

Lor Devos left for the United States four years ago on a mission, where he went to study and play basketball in the state of Colorado. The 22-year-old Cordrick looks set to start a career. “As a young athlete I played for many years with the national team at various European Championships and the Youth Olympics,” Lore opens the conversation.

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As a young athlete, I played with the national team for many European Championships and the Youth Olympics for many years, ”Lore said. “College coaches attend this European Championship. I was contacted by many of those colleges during that time, but I never responded to them. I decided in March 2017 that it would be a good step to gain experience and incorporate basketball into the curriculum. Contacts were soon established, Colorado State University told me. It seemed like the best choice. I got a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, along with sports at a high level. “” Currently only 5 players from Belgium play in the NCAA. Some women like to take this step. Personally, I definitely recommend this. The time to start as a professional player will come later. You will have the opportunity to combine your sport with courses in order to earn a diploma. For me it was a very beautiful experience, an adventure. You will find many unique places and learn about other cultures and lifestyles. It taught me a lot as a person and as a basketball player. “As for Lori, who went to the United States four years ago, I had to adapt, especially in my first year on the other side of the ocean.” When I was a new man, it was a tough but very academic season, ”Lore begins. “We ended up in the middle brackets as a team. Some setbacks in years 2 and 3 ended at the tail end of the tournament due to the newly formed team and injuries. This year we were in the lead for a while, but eventually finished third. I thought it was a shame because the champions Our goal was to play.Unfortunately Covid eventually made sure we had a serious break and got out of tune with the other teams.The All Mountain West team “has been very instructive to me on and off the field for the last 4 years which has had to adapt a bit to the style of play in which I have to play on multiple levels. The coaches had a lot of confidence in me and soon I was in the ‘starting five’. I needed to improve some parts of my game, the coaches helped me a lot in this process. I did, and my 2nd season progress quickly became apparent. An injury threw a spanner in the works in my third year, but it turned out to be a teaching year in other areas, and it prepared me a bit to get the best out of my senior year. The short and separate Govt was able to get me noticed in several matches during the season. For example, I was selected to the All Mountain West team, which has the best players. ”Lore endured a difficult period. “In my third year, I had a knee injury in the first official game. It set me aside for more than 2 months, which means I lost more than half of the season and never went back on track again. I experienced a tear in the intermediate tire, which I fully recovered until the summer after the season. Not back. Not being able to contribute to the team’s decisions on the field was mentally difficult. “Am I satisfied with the progress I have made there?” (Beams) “You have a good environment in college in the United States. In addition to the trainer, you have 3 assistant trainers, a physiotherapist and a strength trainer. In this way I became much stronger physically and mentally. Since room is available at any time of the day, you can often find me there. I put several hours into my three point and jump shot. This allows me to be dangerous in many areas of the game. “Lorraine’s adventure ended last weekend. She had to be isolated for at least 7 days from the day she returned (Sunday). “Before leaving I had to present a negative Govt test and the next day I was tested again. A week before I left, Govt was able to register more than 16 people for the vaccine. This weekend I can continue my isolation in a vacation home and then I can spend some time with my family again. “Belgian cats” training for cats begins in May. This is a busy schedule as the European Championships and Olympics take place this summer. In preparation, a few games are played on Belgian soil. But there are also exhibition games in Spain and Japan just before the game. My goal is definitely to be a part of the permanent center for cats one day. I hope to be able to participate and experience as much as possible this summer. “I’m already working hard to get where I am now. Now my goal is to be able to work for a European team. Plans are coming in now, and my agent is overseeing everything. Making the right decisions for my future is important. Every player with ambition dreams of starting in the WNBA. Due to my years in college I will start after a while at a high level in Europe and of course I do not see this as a problem because I will contribute for the rest of my life as it was a one time experience. I will progress gradually. The competition I work for has to reach a certain level and playing Eurocup will be a bonus. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get started. ” (EL)

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