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Countess of Wessex is upfront about menopause: "As if someone ...

Countess of Wessex is upfront about menopause: “As if someone …


Sophie Reese-Jones, Countess of Wessex, says the menopause felt like someone was taking her brain. As it flows, you want to remove the stigma surrounding a life-changing event.

Hanne Vandenweghe

The 56-year-old countess, who has two Prince Edward children, believes menopause should be discussed more openly. “We should celebrate the fact that we no longer have periods. It should be a launch, but it feels like a float. I’ve described menopause as being a very negative thing,” she said in a video from Wellbeing of Women, a charity dedicated to breaking the taboos around menstruation and menopause And pregnancy.

The countess also believes more needs to be done to educate girls about menstruation and menopause. “It is said that we will have periods, but less than they will end,” it seems.

She herself has set a good example by sharing her own experience with menopause, which has been very intense. James’s mother, Viscount Severn (13) and Mrs. Louise Windsor (17), were immediately forgotten. “In the middle of the presentation, all of a sudden I no longer know what I was talking about. The words just disappeared. I was there, thinking I’m a somewhat clever person and wondering what just happened. It’s like someone took your mind and tried to pick up the pieces and continue.”

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