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Michelle Covelier pauses the morning show at Studio Brussel

Michelle Covelier pauses the morning show at Studio Brussel

The first sound that Studio Brussel listeners heard was early in the morning, but after two and a half years, Michelle Covelier gave in as presenter for the morning show. After summer, the torch will be delivered to the Fien Germijns.

This fall it will not be Michel Couvillier (29), but Finn Germens (26) who will wake up Brussels studio listeners. After all, Cuvelier will stop presenting the morning show in September, after two and a half years. I really enjoyed waking up with StuBru listeners. There is no better way to remove clutter from eyes early in the morning.

However, Cuvillier’s exit from the morning show does not mean that it will disappear from the radar. “It will remain the absolute stronghold of StuBru into the new season,” says Network President Jan Van Biesen. “I am very excited about the new plans.” What exactly these plans are will remain a secret for the time being.

successor Finn Germins Pleased with her new role. I’m the type that climaxes between six and nine in the morning. I don’t understand it myself, but it is useful. Nothing is better than drops of sweat from a morning rush and a sticky cup of coffee.

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