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Cozy and Stylish Island Home |  Imagecasa

Cozy and Stylish Island Home | Imagecasa

The house on the Greek island of Mykonos we’re highlighting here is one of the recent projects of Ukrainian interior designer Evinya Kudria. Creating a calm and calm atmosphere was very important, with neutral colors and natural materials leading the way.

Yevheniia Kudria is a Ukrainian interior designer, who draws her inspiration from minimalist modern architecture and design. She tries to make every space she interacts with as beautiful and lively as possible. This was not unlike one of her recent projects, “Kairos,” which literally means “the right moment” in ancient Greek. So this name was chosen deliberately. Whatever time you spend in this home on the Greek island of Mykonos – whether it’s on a sunny morning or a warm dinner with a few guests at nightfall – every moment will feel absolutely fine. The simple island lifestyle at home is reflected in straight lines and natural materials. Creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility was the main goal of this project. In the current era of technology and information augmentation, we need a place where we can fully relax and unwind. At the same time, the interior had to be functional, too. That is why so much attention has been paid to the kitchen. With closed kitchen cabinets, it may seem at first glance that there is little to no functionality. But nothing is less true. Behind the folding doors there is a large kitchen with all necessary equipment hidden. A perfect marriage between simplicity and function!

The main goal was to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

For the interior, Kudria chose natural materials that give the house timeless elegance. Neutral tones give each room a sense of luxury and elegance. Lime plaster is the main material throughout the home, which contrasts well with dark wood. Copper and marble are used in the kitchen and over the counter as premium materials. A natural stone wall in the living room gives a feeling of originality. A pendant lamp over a kitchen island is the perfect inviting open space. The kitchen has an elongated shape and is visually separated from the living room by a few steps. This way the kitchen rises above the rest of the space. Warm colors bring calm and comfort, despite the large area. The living room is a comfortable seating area with a view of the panoramic windows. The wide sliding blinds provide protection from the intense sunlight. The olive tree brings freshness and a sense of life to a space and serves to connect the outdoor environment with the indoor space.

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Photos provided by Yevheniia Kudria