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GP pricking 60 minors with AstraZeneca: ‘unlawful’

GP pricking 60 minors with AstraZeneca: ‘unlawful’

Many GPs do not agree with the advice to stop injecting under the age of 60 with AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine. Dr. Nichols from Breda, for example, will continue to do so. And his patients are fine at that. “They are not interested in the risks, they are very happy, they cry,” he says.

According to Nickels, he’s definitely not the only doctor to treat him this way. He was outraged when he heard the Health Council’s advice to ban AstraZeneca for those in their 60s. “I burst out of anger. There are no real arguments to stop the injection, the stakes are very small. In Great Britain they also keep injecting,” he says.

Excess weight is a lifestyle
Nikkels still has AstraZeneca in stock. “I have almost legally ordered 100 extra bottles, which are supposed to be for people who are overweight. But I think it’s unethical to give it, because obesity is a lifestyle problem. It’s their fault, people can also lose weight.”

By the way, if overweight people come into contact with it, they can get a vaccine. But the rest goes to other groups in the patient database. “I use it for people who have had a transplant or who have a neurological disorder. Like people with multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, or Parkinson’s disease. People who have mental disorders completely due to these measures can receive an injection as well.” This is appreciated: “They are not interested in taking the risk, they are very happy, they cry.”

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Don’t be afraid of trouble
Nickels isn’t the only GP with his own plan. “I am not affiliated with the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) but with the Association of General Practitioners Practitioners (VPH). They recently sent a very clear story to all of their thousands of members about AstraZeneca’s advice, of which there is hardly any evidence.” He knows that Many members punch the vaccine against the advice.

However, some colleagues are more conservative. “Most of them agree with me, but they don’t dare to deviate from the official advice of the Health Council, the RIVM and the ministry.” Nickels himself is not afraid of trouble. “I’m not afraid of a disciplinary board, because I have good arguments.”