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Crazy plane lady totally wakes up in provocative bikini (PHOTOS)

Crazy plane lady totally wakes up in provocative bikini (PHOTOS)

We are writing September 2023.

“I'm getting off the plane. This man is not real!” With these words a lady stopped the hearts of all passengers on the American Airlines flight in Dallas. It was not clear at the time who exactly the woman was referring to. A ghost, a man in black, an alien, a virologist…?

Who do you know? However, the video went viral and served as enough fodder to keep conspiracy theorists busy for weeks.

About a month later, the identity of the screaming teacher finally became known. Tiffany Gumas is a 39-year-old Dallas woman who lives in a $2 million mansion in the Lakewood neighborhood of Texas.

In the end, it turned out that her anger was due to an argument between her and a passenger and that it was just her way of expressing herself assertively.

Now, a year later, it has stopped the hearts of Democrats and Republicans alike. One of misery and the other of joy.

Because now Bud Lite – Thanks to a dismal marketing ploy – has left a huge void among right-wing American beer drinkers, and Ms. Gomas is now hoping to fill that void with her own brand of beer.

It describes its “Ultra Right Beer” as a 100% wake-free American beer.

“I wonder how many people I'm going to upset with this post…” she warned in the post, which has now been viewed by nearly 8 million people.. “So…is now a good time to tell you guys that men don't belong in women's sports?!”

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We think he's nothing more than a crazy woman on a full flight. We'll drink one for that!