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‘Football matches were a smart way to train Prince George for royalty’ |  Property

‘Football matches were a smart way to train Prince George for royalty’ | Property

He was with his parents in the front row: Prince George thoroughly enjoyed himself in the European Championship (except for that moment when the England team lost the final). However, it was not only an enjoyable trip, but also the first step in preparing George for his future career as King. “A smart move,” royal expert Roya Nikah told the Sunday Times. “It was a fun and happy event full of emotions. A perfect way to accustom him to public life. The older he gets, the more events he will have to attend as a working king. Although he is still a little young for that, it is good to be accustomed to large crowds. And shouts from fans already. In the European Championships, he also probably knew that thousands of people are watching him when he’s sitting in the front row somewhere. Because it was such a positive experience for him, he probably wouldn’t mind going to such events more often in the near future. “.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton tried to ensure that George lived a normal childhood for as long as possible. It wasn’t until his seventh birthday that he was first told that he would one day become king. Now the boy is eight years old, and it is clear that he already has some sense of his place in society. He wore a suit during the match, like his father, without complaining once. Then he was bullied online. “Kate and William were shocked by these negative reactions,” Nikah said. “Maybe it was too early to bring George to prominence like that. Not for the boy himself – he behaved perfectly – but for the people. They chose to keep him away from the media for the foreseeable future.”

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