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Cruella's Ratings: Is This New Disney Movie The Best Or A Flop?

Cruella’s Ratings: Is This New Disney Movie The Best Or A Flop?

Disney Cruella It promises to be an active viewing experience full of amazing fashion and crazy events. This is evident from the full reviews of the movie published today. However, there is also some criticism here and there.

Dozens at the time of writing Cruella 75 percent is ranked somewhat on Rotten Tomatoes. The average score that American reviewers gave the movie is 6.7. Especially acting Emma Stone (Estella / Corolla) in Emma Thompson Praised (Baroness von Hellmann) and overall design.

Gorgeous, lively and vintage
Let’s see exactly what the critics are saying. Anyway, USA Today’s Brian Truitt is very pleased with the movie. “With a crazy fashion sense, sparkling old music and a foolishly entertaining title character, Cruella is the finest Disney movie of all time.He writes in his review.

On her meticulous review, Grance Randolph of Beyond The Trailer notes this Cruella Not a perfect movie, but it’s a title that you’ll want to watch multiple times. It would also immediately give the green light for a sequel if it were Disney.

Lovia Gyarkey from The Hollywood Reporter is also full of praise. “Emma Stone puts out a new Cruella with great speed and hot appeal in this fun, outrageous and beautifully decorated version that shows what Cruella was like before she started kidnapping and skinning dogs.“she writes.

It has nothing to do with it 101 Dalmatians To manufacture
On the other hand, Richard Lawson from Vanity Fair wasn’t really happy with this ibid 101 Dalmatians (1961). According to him, at the end of this journey, it’s still quite clear how Cruella will grow from that movie into the villain in the fur coat as the audience knows her from the cartoon image.

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With this gritty original movie, Disney tries to humanize another terrifying villain at once […] With a tragic backstory it appears to have been widely purchased from a content manufacturerLawson is also noted for his mostly negative reviews.’s Matt Zoller Seitz didn’t quite understand it either Cruella It has exactly to do with Cruella De Vil. He believes the scenario would also have been a great experience if the main character’s name had been replaced.

Will you see this movie?
In the Netherlands CruellaFilm about Craig Gillespie (I’m Tonya), Can be seen on Disney + starting Friday with VIP arrival. The movie costs 21.99 € and requires an active subscription. As of August 27th Cruella For all subscribers to broadcast without additional payment.